Great Writing Advice From One of the Best Writers/Producers

Fom Carlton Cuse, the creator of Lost, and The Strain, and so many other crafted screenplays.

“I think people who aspire to be writers can be looking for the perfect, ideal condition. I’ve learned to have no preciousness about the process. I can write for 15 minutes in an airport lounge, I can write on a plane, I can write at the coffee shop for 20 minutes. One of the keys is doing little increments of work all the time as opposed to thinking you need to have some big chunk of time to do something creative. Those little pods of time really add up to a meaningful amount of creative work.” <more>

The perfect IS the enemy of the great.

If you ask many successful writers of all kinds, it seems that the number one suggestion is don’t let the fear of it not being perfect get in the way of not writing it. This has been echoed by many, many people. From Craig Mazen on the Scriptnotes podcast to others. (will add links later)

This seems to be my number one issue, always fearful that what I actually write will be any where near as cool as it sounds in my head as I am out running.

In fact, I promise to do better, hence setting up this blog JUST to write this down, to help remind myself.